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Proceedings of EUROPHRAS 2017

Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton, UK)

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pdf bib Front matter pages
pdf bib A Comparison of Three Metrics for Detecting Cross-Linguistic Variations in Information Volume and Multiword Expressions between Parallel Bitexts
Éric Poirier
pp. 1–10
pdf bib Hybrid Methods for the Extraction and Comparison of Multilingual Collocations in Languages for Specific Purposes
Guadalupe Ruiz Yepes
pp. 11–18
pdf bib Phraseological Units in Horror Comics: Comparative Study of the Translation into English, French and Spanish from a Multimodal Corpus
María del Carmen Baena Lupiáñez
pp. 19–27
pdf bib Exploring Automated Essay Scoring for Nonnative English Speakers
Amber Nigam
pp. 28–35
pdf bib Automatic Annotation of Verbal Collocations in Modern Greek
Vasiliki Foufi, Luka Nerima and Eric Wehrli
pp. 36–44
pdf bib Corpus Linguistic Exploration of Modern Proverb Use and Proverb Patterns
Kathrin Steyer
pp. 45–52
pdf bib Life Values Reflection in Idioms: Corpus Approach
Seda Yusupova
pp. 53–59
pdf bib Metaphors of Economy and Economy of Metaphors
Antonio Pamies-Bertrán and Ismael Ramos Ruiz
pp. 60–69
pdf bib A Note on Controlled Compositions in Japanese EFL Classes for Intermediate Learners: With a Focus on Reordering Questions
Shimpei Hashio and Nobuyuki Yamauchi
pp. 70–77
pdf bib How Does Data Driven Learning Affect the Production of Multi-Word Sequences in EAP Students’ Academic Writing?
Melissa Larsen-Walker
pp. 78–86
pdf bib Phraseology in Teaching and Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language in the USA.
Victoria Llongo
pp. 87–94
pdf bib Extracting Formulaic Expressions and Grammar and Edit Patterns to Assist Academic Writing
Jhih-Jie Chen, Jim Chang, Mei Hua Chen, Jason Chang and Ching-Yu Yang
pp. 95–103
pdf bib Improving Requirement Boilerplates Using Sequential Pattern Mining
Maxime Warnier and Anne Condamines
pp. 104–112
pdf bib Intonational PEriods (IPE) and Formulaic Language: A Genre-based Analysis of a French Speech Database
Maria Zimina and Nicolas Ballier
pp. 113–121
pdf bib Google N-grams Viewer and Food Idioms
Sarah Virginia Carvalho Ribeiro and Paula Lenz Costa Lima
pp. 122–126
pdf bib The Effects of Learner Variables on Phraseological Proficiency
Kathrin Kircili
pp. 127–131
pdf bib Synonymy Between Theory and Practice: The Corpus-Based Approach to Determining Synonymy in Lexicographic Descriptions in Croatian
Goranka Blagus Bartolec
pp. 132–136
pdf bib A Lexical Database for the Analysis of Portuguese MWEs
Sandra Antunes
pp. 137–142
pdf bib A Contrastive Analysis of Antonymous Prepositional Pairs in Croatian and Russian
Ivana Matas Ivanković
pp. 143–147
pdf bib An Objective Method of Identifying Teachworthy Multi-word Units for Second Language Learners
James Rogers
pp. 148–153
pdf bib English Multi-word Expressions as False Friends between German and Russian: Corpus-driven Analyses of Phraseological Units
lyubov Nefedova
pp. 154–161
pdf bib Towards the Generation of Bilingual Chinese-English Multi-word Expressions from Large Scale Parallel Corpora: An Experimental Approach
Benjamin K. Tsou, Derek F. Wong and Ka Po Chow
pp. 162–168
pdf bib Phraseological Meaning and Image
Roza Ayupova
pp. 169–173
pdf bib Language and Power in Czech Corpora
Irene Elmerot
pp. 174–177
pdf bib Teasing Apart Russian Idioms And Homonymic Compositional Expressions
Marina Pchelina and Jae-Woong Choe
pp. 178–181
pdf bib Observations on Phonetic and Metrical Patterns in Spanish-language Proverbs
Jordi Martínez, Gemma Bel Enguix and Liliana Torres Flores
pp. 182–189
pdf bib Towards a Corpus-lexicographical Discourse Analysis
Emma Franklin
pp. 190–196
pdf bib Digital Storytelling and the 21st Century Classroom: a powerful tool in phraseological units learning
Annalisa Raffone
pp. 197–202

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