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Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
associated with RANLP 2017

Mireille Makary, University of Wolverhampton (UK) and Lebanese International University (Lebanon)
Michael Oakes, University of Wolverhampton (UK)

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Deception Detection for the Russian Language: Lexical and Syntactic Parameters
Dina Pisarevskaya, Tatiana Litvinova and Olga Litvinova
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 1–10
oIQa: An Opinion Influence Oriented Question Answering Framework with Applications to Marketing Domain
Dumitru-Clementin Cercel, Cristian Onose, Stefan Trausan-Matu and Florin Pop
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 11–18
Automatic Summarization of Online Debates
Nattapong Sanchan, Ahmet Aker and Kalina Bontcheva
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 19–27
A Game with a Purpose for Automatic Detection of Children’s Speech Disabilities using Limited Speech Resources
Reem Salem, Mohamed Elmahdy, Slim Abdennadher and Injy Hamed
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 28–34

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