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Proceedings of the Biomedical NLP Workshop associated with RANLP 2017

Svetla Boytcheva (IICT Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Kevin Bretonnel Cohen (University of Colorado School of Medicine)
Guergana Savova (Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School)
Galia Angelova (IICT Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

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Front matter [pdf] [bib] pages
Document retrieval and question answering in medical documents. A large-scale corpus challenge.
Curea Eric
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 1–7
Adapting the TTL Romanian POS Tagger to the Biomedical Domain
Maria Mitrofan and Radu Ion
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 8–14
Discourse-Wide Extraction of Assay Frames from the Biological Literature
Dayne Freitag, Paul Kalmar and Eric Yeh
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 15–23
Classification based extraction of numeric values from clinical narratives
Maximilian Zubke
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 24–31
Understanding of unknown medical words
Natalia Grabar and Thierry Hamon
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 32–41
Entity-Centric Information Access with Human in the Loop for the Biomedical Domain
Seid Muhie Yimam, Steffen Remus, Alexander Panchenko, Andreas Holzinger and Chris Biemann
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 42–48
One model per entity: using hundreds of machine learning models to recognize and normalize biomedical names in text
Victor Bellon and Raul Rodriguez-Esteban
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 49–54
Towards Confidence Estimation for Typed Protein-Protein Relation Extraction
Camilo Thorne and Roman Klinger
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 55–63
Identification of Risk Factors in Clinical Texts through Association Rules
Svetla Boytcheva, Ivelina Nikolova, Galia Angelova and Zhivko Angelov
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 64–72
POMELO: Medline corpus with manually annotated food-drug interactions
Thierry Hamon, Vincent Tabanou, Fleur Mougin, Natalia Grabar and Frantz Thiessard
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 73–80
Annotation of Clinical Narratives in Bulgarian language
Ivajlo Radev, Kiril Simov, Galia Angelova and Svetla Boytcheva
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 81–87

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